Our Partners

Collaboration is multiplication, and together we will all go further. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with other organizations that share our vision for good food and an even better future. From local farms and fisheries, to programs protecting our natural resources and bettering our community – we invest in creating the best environment, both in and outside of our family.


Meet Our Partners:
Local Vendors | Environmental Initiatives | Community Organizations

Food & Beverage Partners

We love supporting small businesses who do what they do well, and you’ll see that reflected on the menus across all of our restaurants. Many of our food & beverage partners are local, while others were formed by building our relationships with brand we consider to be special and of high quality.

  • Two Docks Shellfish

    Led by a father-son team dedicated to our regions’ agricultural and maritime traditions and the unique marine environments in Tampa Bay. They wake up every day thinking about how to make their product better and processes more efficient. Their dedication comes through in the quality of clams, oysters, and sunrays we are thrilled to put on our plates.

  • Jubilee Orchards

    Jubilee Orchards, located just north of Tallahassee, is an organic farm that specializes in growing a variety of blueberries. Their Jubilee Blues are their most popular, and you can find them sweetening salads, sauces, desserts and cocktails across all of our concepts.

  • Lola Wines

    LOLA is committed to producing wines in a pure and natural way. Their vineyards, located in Napa Valley, are farmed and cared for with their surrounding nature and ecological health kept in mind. They stand for quality, authenticity and value in all of the wines they produce.

  • Blackbeard’s Ranch

    Blackbeard’s Ranch is in southwest Florida, just east of sandy beaches and high rises on the gulf coast of Florida; it is one of the last large intact cow operations in a rapidly changing region. They use their land stewardship ethic as a guide, managing the land to ensure high-quality habitat for wildlife while running a productive cattle operation.

  • Four Daughters Farms

    Four Daughters Farms is a small family egg and poultry farm located in Parrish, Florida. They currently have laying hens, meat birds, turkeys, cows and pigs with plans on expanding.

  • Shogun Farms

    At Shogun Farms, the goal has been to provide the best, natural feed, clean and organic Wild Boar meat. Enjoy the finest tasting, naturally raised, wild caught Boar available on all of our concept menus.

  • Dakin Dairy

    As a multi-generational farming family, our mission is to produce superior quality, wholesome, farm-fresh dairy products from healthy cows using environmentally sustainable practices and state-of-the-art methods. The grass-fed diet of their cows makes all the difference in their natural milk and cheeses.

  • Cortez Conservas Bottarga

    Cortez Bottarga are proud producers of the only US made Mullet Bottarga. They also make the truest expression of Striped Grey Mullet Bottarga, Smoked Mullet Roe and Black Fin Tuna Mojama. Our pristine waters off the Florida Gulf Coast, off of Anna Maria Island and the connecting fishing village of Cortez, are home to one of this country's last sustaining wild fisheries. Florida natives and brothers, Seth and Mic Cripe started Cortez Conservas with the mission of working to create high quality preserved local seafood.

  • Open Blue Cobia

    Determined to create the most innovative and sustainable operation possible, Open Blue Cobia selected the Caribbean coastal waters of Panama as an ideal location and Cobia as the perfect fish to feed a growing world – a fish with great flavor and texture, rich in Omega-3 and a minimal environmental footprint. Then and now, Open Blue’s vision is to feed the world in a better way.

Environmental Partners

Among our corporate values are sustainability and eco-consciousness. We are proud to work with and support the following initiatives on top of also having a parking lot water management system, sea turtle friendly lighting, beach friendly native landscaping, composting, recycling oyster shells, and supporting the skip the straw campaign.

  • Gulf Shellfish Institute

    The mission of Gulf Shellfish Institute is to facilitate, support and encourage increased production of shellfish in Florida and the Gulf region for both economic and environmental benefit through cooperative, industry-driven research and outreach. High quality shellfish produced in an environmentally sustainable fashion will support working waterfronts, improve water quality, benefit coastal habitats, and help develop the domestic aquaculture industry.

  • All Clams on Deck

    Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay, and Charlotte Harbor are currently at risk of rapid declines in seagrass and wild clam populations. Restoring clam populations and seagrass meadows will result in improved water quality and healthier habitats for commercial and recreational fisheries – and people, too! The health of these habitats is critical not only for the ecosystem services they provide, but for the economic impact that results from Florida’s tourism.

  • Solutions to Avoid Red Tide (START)

    Solutions to Avoid Red Tide is a grass-roots organization founded in 1996 on Longboat Key by retired General Jim Patterson and other concerned citizens in response to a devastating ten-month long red tide bloom that ravaged a wide area along the West Coast of Florida. START has a three-pronged approach to help reduce excess nutrients in our coastal waters and increase public awareness about the importance of preserving our marine environment. Through this organization, Chiles Hospitality began Gulf Coast Oyster Recycling and Renewal Program as a means of helping with the reef restoration in our community.

  • Gulf Seafood Foundation

    Comprised of a diverse membership, the Gulf Seafood Foundation is a unified, proactive and positive voice promoting interests vital to the economy of the gulf, as well as addressing environmental issues and actions that affect the region. Its mission is a voice of reason finding solutions to a wide variety of important issues the area faces.

  • Sarasota Bay Watch

    Sarasota Bay Watch is an action-based, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to restoring coastal ecosystems through citizen participation. Sarasota Bay Watch relies heavily on community involvement while at the same time providing volunteer and educational opportunities for all ages. The primary events are all related to habitat restoration or re-stocking our bay, shorelines and uninhabited islands with native species.

Community Partners

People are at the heart of what we do in hospitality, and Chiles Hospitality is proud to support the organizations and educational programs working to better the communities we serve. We are grateful for those committed to the vision of making a positive difference in the world, and our role in supporting such endeavors is very close to our hearts.

  • Bradenton Convention Center and Visitor's Bureau

    The Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (BACVB) promotes Manatee County nationally and internationally as a destination for business and leisure travel. Our Convention and Visitors Bureau is a clearinghouse of information on local beaches, attractions, events and places we love most in Manatee County. To plan your vacation to The Bradenton Area, start with exploring the destination's website. You will find an abundance of information on our beaches, activities, attractions, restaurants, golfing, shopping, fishing and accommodations. You'll even find some suggested itineraries to fit your idea of a dream vacation to our area.

  • World Central Kitchen

    Founded in 2010 by Chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen (WCK) is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises while working to build resilient food systems with locally led solutions. WCK has served more than 70 million fresh meals to people impacted by natural disasters and other crises around the world. WCK’s Resilience Programs strengthen food and nutrition security by training chefs and school cooks; advancing clean cooking practices; and awarding grants to farms, fisheries, and small food businesses while also providing educational and networking opportunities.

  • Florida Maritime Museum

    The Florida Maritime Museum is situated on almost four acres of land in the historic fishing village of Cortez. The residents of this community are passionate about preserving the past and ensuring that current and future residents and visitors to Manatee County understand the significance of Cortez Village and the broader maritime history of the area. Exhibits include historic photographs, boat models, tools, instruments, and other historically significant material relevant to Florida’s maritime culture and history. The museum is also home to a folk school that teaches traditional Florida skills and a research library that includes a variety of books, plans, logs, diaries, periodicals, letters, records and related archival material whose content is relevant to research concerning maritime subjects with special emphasis on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

  • Partner Middle Tennessee State University

    Tennessee Center for Botanical Medical Research includes funding help from a $2.5 million grant from Greenway Herbal Products, founded by Ted LaRoche and Ed Chiles. LaRoche said that the company has also invested in a 34-acre hemp field that produced a 10-acre harvest at The Grove at Williamson. The Tennessee Center for Botanical Medicine Research specializes in assessing the ability of nutritional supplements and pure compounds isolated from botanicals to act as antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal, antiviral, immunostimulant or immunosuppressant agents.

  • Cultural Homestays International

    Cultural Homestay International (CHI) has excelled at promoting international understanding and goodwill through people-to-people exchanges since 1980. CHI is designated by the United States Department of State as a J-1 visa sponsor, and is a proud member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), World Youth Student Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE Travel Confederation), WYSE Work Abroad, International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and The Alliance for International Educational & Cultural Exchange.

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