JRNY Travel PodcastUnderstanding the fragility of the area we live in: Appreciating the natural environment with Ed Chiles

JRNY Travel Podcast Episode 3

Ed Chiles is the owner of Chiles Hospitality, operating the Sandbar, Beach House, and Mar Vista restaurants on Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key in western Florida. Ed was the managing partner for the Pine Avenue Restoration project in the City of Anna Maria and engages in a number of local sustainability initiatives.

He and host Si Willmore talk about the All Clams on Deck project, which aims to restore seagrass and oyster beds to combat problems like harmful 'red tide' algal bloom outbreaks; restoring Pine Avenue on Anna Maria Island to the 'greenest little main street in America'; and the Love It Like a Local program which aims to educate tourists about preserving the area and minimizing the effects of transport.

Ed works with local partners including Zach Rasmussen, farm manager at Gamble Creek Farms, and Zach discusses waste reduction through composting and worm casting as part of the Leave No Trace initiative. Si and Ed also discuss Ed's favorite places to eat in Florida such as shrimp boxes in Cortez, the oldest continual fishing village in the state of Florida.

Episode sponsored by Visit Florida. For more information go to visitflorida.com

Length: 33 min Guest: Ed Chiles, Founder and Zach Rasmussen, Farm Manager

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